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Our new album "YEAH DEHD" is coming sooooon!

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Pronounced “Hell Yeah Dude!”(said really really fast) ellyeahdehd began in 2016

Origin Story…

Daren(drums) and I had jammed off an on for years, but we never found a solid singer/guitar player. I’d been friends with Adam(singer/guitar) for years, I knew he could play guitar, but had no idea he could sing. One night we were both at a party, I heard Adam belting out some cover songs and my mind was blown. 

We met up to jam later that week. We were working out a few songs in my living room and a bat flew out of my ceiling. After a lot of screaming it flew out the front door. That was an obvious sign that we NEEDED to start this band. We went over to Daren’s place the next week and we’ve been making music ever since then.


  • Shared the stage with STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, GBH, and MAC SABBATH.
  • We made it to the 2nd round of SHORTS Brewery’s Battle of the Bands 
  • Played shows all across Michigan and the Midwest.
Musical Style

All of us come from very different musical backgrounds and that’s why our sound is so odd. Our songs hop around from punk rock, folk, funk, reggae, prog rock, and metal. Our upcoming record, “YEAH DEHD” almost sounds like a compilation. We are all genuine music lovers and absolutely love the music we’re making. 

Yeah Dehd!


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